‘Uncorked’ with Big Head Winery

‘Uncorked’ with Big Head Winery

I’m back at it with the ‘Uncorked’ series, and I’m excited to announce that our guests on Sunday Aug 27th will be the Lipinski family of ‘Big Head Winery’, one of Ontario’s most skilled and prominent names in wine.

This dinner comes on the heels of us expanding our Big Head offerings here in the resto.  We’re quite proud to be listing amazing ‘Big Bang Gris’, a traditional-method sparkling wine.  It has spent a year sur-lies (on its yeast), before being disgorged and dosed with a very small percentage of ‘Chardonnay Recioto’ – juice that has been concentrated within the (unbroken) grape by sun-drying before the extraction.  We’ll be trying it out as our sparkling by the glass all summer long!

Also soon to appear is their unique Chenin Blanc, a varietal only produced by three wineries in the province.  The Big Head is 5% botrytis affected – botrytis is actually a flaw that can hurt grape production, but when you can find the later-blooming ‘noble rot’, it helps concentrate the juice, including its flavour and sugar content.  Don’t expect a sweet wine, however.  That concentrated juice is fully fermented to produce a dry wine that drinks bigger than it’s non-botrytized siblings would.  It has seen a bit of barrel as well as some time in stainless steel, and the result is a really beautiful wine that does well a little above fridge temp, much like a good chardonnay.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the 2016 ‘Red’ now being out.  This beautiful Bordeaux-style blend has long been a fan-favourite year aver year.  The 2016 has been pouring for about the last month or so, and despite it’s youth is drinking superbly!  Jakub Lipinski, head of operations, says it’s his favourite vintage yet, and it’s easy for me to tell why.

The dinner will feature 5 courses of stellar late-summer Ontario-grown goodness.  Pickerel stuffed zucchini blossoms, eggplant parmigiana, a smoked short-rib and scallop surf ‘n’ turf, Niagara peach tart…I’m pulling out all the stops, baby!!

Andrzej (a.k.a. Papa Lipinski, a.k.a. Head Winemaker) and Jakub will be bringing a few things from their cellar, so that beyond what we have available here at the resto, you’ll get a chance to taste some of their wines that aren’t available anywhere!

Tickets are $90 each, and include taxes and gratuity.  Email me at [email protected] to set aside yours before it’s too late!


Chef Eric