Ontario Craft Beer Week and Sausage Fest

Ontario Craft Beer Week and Sausage Fest

HERE IT COMES!!!!  Some of the most inappropriate marketing I’ve done yet.  But let’s be real folks…we’re throwing a sausage fest – what did you expect to happen?

June 10th to 19th is officially Ontario Craft Beer Week, and we’re gonna do it up, proper.  Everyday will feature a different one of the breweries that are near and dear to our hearts, with $5 feature beers, and a chance to win a wicked OCB gift pack, poorly wrapped by yours truly, the chef.

And so as the story goes, I’m drinking beer (as one does), and I’m thinking about sausage (what else would be on my mind?) and all of a sudden I realize that these two things just need to happen together.  Our loyal customers will know that we’ve been making our own sausages for brunch since the start.  It started out pork, with maple and sage.  Then we did a smoked beef FATTY that I still love to this day, but perhaps is a little on the savage side, and a little on the smokey side, to go next to two eggs, hash potatoes, toast, beans, bacon, etc.

So for OCB Week & Sausage Fest we wanted to go all out.  We threw out the old recipes (truthfully they’re buried somewhere in a mess of papers on my desk, but close enough), and have tasted, tweaked and tried three of the best sausages I’ve ever had my hands on.  The smoked beef is back, but better than ever.  We’ve also done a chicken and bacon sausage with wild leeks (hand-picked by yours truly) which might just be the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth.  Finally, we realized we were craving a little spice, so we hit it up with a Mexican-style Chorizo.

The menu (found here) allows for appetites both big and small to come together, and embrace the sausage.  Enjoy the most satisfying 4-inches you’ve ever had for just $12 bucks.  Double your sausage, double your fun?  No problemo – just $4 for a second bad-boy.

I’ll let you check it out for yourself – suffice it to say, animal savagery and really good beer abounds.

A thanks goes out to all our brewing partners in this – a full list coming soon as we finalize the dates and features for them all.